K/V Metadata for Services

I would like to see the ability to add simple k/v pairs as metadata for Services in PagerDuty. Or even just tags like is available for for other objects. And furthermore to be able to query those tags via a GET with query parameters.

This would enable engineers to apply automation to a certain set of services by capturing a list of services that contains the requested metadata.

For example, if I wanted to enable teams to set regular work windows on their services, I could simply create automation that reads in all services that contains specific metadata/tags that define which services get regular maintenance, and other tags that define the start time/end time of the maintenance windows. That way any team that wanted to utilize that feature could simply add the metadata and the automation would handle the windows on the next run.

Or, we could utilize this feature to define certain services that change escalation policies at certain times. There are a bunch of other uses for this type of feature. Let me know if you have further questions.


+1 for this feature request!