[Jira server integration]Having field Affect Versions exposed to pagerduty

We are working on integration between pagerduty and jira server and we run into issue. We have mandatory field Affect Versions in jira bug issues type which is not supported by pagerduty(see support answer bellow). We’are not ready to turn the field in option filed. Please make that field exposed to pagerduty

Hi Yulii,

As this request seems to need a few more specific details, I will close this public community post and ask you to follow up via support@pagerduty.com with a request and any screenshot errors you have of this one.

We can then take a closer look at whats happening, without exposing any personal material - sorry for the run around!


Hi John,
Actually this feature request was created by suggestion from pagerduty support. Ticket number 228497


Ah, apologies, thanks for clarifying! I have logged this with our product team :slight_smile:

Thanks for reaching out to community.