Jira Cloud - Pagerduty Assignee sync

Hey there,

We are trying to integrate our Jira cloud and pagerduty account. Everything works as expected except sync across assignees in pagerduty reflection to the our Jira tickets.

As you can see , we have matched assignees fields but when we assign people to the incident on pagerduty it does not change assignee on Jira ticket. It always changed as unassigned. We need your help about that.

For second problem, I’m wondering whether this integration is bidirectional or not like If I changed assignee on Jira it will change assignee on pagerduty as well ?


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I have exactly the same issue. Is it possible to do this mapping “Assignees” - “Assignee”?

Is this issue still persist. any solution for this. Looks like there is some glitch in sync from pagerduty to jira cloud