Jira Cloud Integration -> Slack

Hey everyone!
I’ve been trying to figure this our for quite some time & your help is much appreciated!

After an incident, I want to send a Slackbot message to the person who acknowledges an incident, to prepare a post mortem report.

I imagine this can be done by adding a new “acknowledgment” field into Jira, but the problem is that whenever I add the connection & acknowledge the incident, the label is not updated.

Would appreciate some insight!

Hey Elie, thanks for reaching out. Ryan from PagerDuty support here. The Slack integration only works in channels, and would not be able to send notifications to a specific user via a direct message. The @PagerDuty bit is required for notifications in channels, and it is not possible to use this command in other direct messages outside of a direct message with @PagerDuty.

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