Jira Cloud Integration expectations

We are moving to using Jira Service Manager as our replacement for Zendesk and we saw that there was a free marketplace app for PagerDuty. The reviews in the marketplace app state that when you install the app, it shows up in every Jira project and was leading to confusion among users because they were seeing it.

Is this still the case or have there been any improvements around that behavior? What should be expect when we install that app in Jira Cloud? Will this allow the agents to adjust or change things in PagerDuty?

Hello David,

PagerDuty has 2 different Jira Integrations: Jira Server and Jira Cloud.

Once the Jira Cloud is configured, you have the option to integrate projects with individual PagerDuty Services but not all Projects need to be mapped. This configuration happens on the PagerDuty end of the integration.

With Jira Server, configuration happens on the Jira end. For projects that do not need to use PagerDuty, the PagerDuty sidebar app can be disabled.
There are more details in the Integration Guide linked above.

I hope that helps.