Issue with notification bundling

Hi there,

We’ve been experiencing problems with the way PagerDuty sends out notifications; because of the way PagerDuty bundles notifications to reduce noise, an alert comes through like “[PagerDuty ALERT] You have 1 TRIGGERED incident (bcff2)”, rather than telling us what the incident is.

We’ve got multiple Jira platforms that receive e-mails to raise tickets, and so we’re looking for a way to customise the e-mail payload such that the subject line tells us what the alert is; seeing a ticket called “1 TRIGGERED incident” in Jira is basically useless.

Is there a plan to implement something like this, essentially a notification “unbundling”? If notification flood was the reason for its creation then maybe it could be set on a per-service basis for higher-demand issues.

(I note that this issue has been raised before - see - but that was five years ago and there doesn’t seem to have been any progress since.)


Hey David,

Thanks for reaching out on our Community Space. Sorry to say this is not something we yet support, again we appreciate your feedback on Notification Bundling and I have added your +1 to the feature suggestion!


John O’Donnell
Team Lead, EMEA