Issue Creating Meeting from Microsoft Teams

I am having an issue when creating a meeting from a Microsoft Teams notification. When I click create meeting, I get a message that says

All current responders with linked PagerDuty accounts will be added automatically.
Add PagerDuty app to the new meeting chat to enable incident actions. For additional help, view integration guide

Then when I click confirm Pagerduty sends me a card that says:

To create Incident Channel, you need to authorize your Microsoft Teams user. You’ll have to do it only once.

When I click authorize, it goes out to my SSO and I get the message below: image

I am the account owner for Pagerduty, and I own the MS Teams Team, I have also had a Teams admin try this, and he gets the same message. If I click Return to application without granting consent, I get this:

Just wondering if anyone has been able to get past these errors?

Hi, David!

We’ve pushed out an update to the PagerDuty app in Teams. If your Teams admin updates the app, you should be able to create a meeting as expected.