Isolated groups of teams

At my company, we have a new need to have teams grouped into different areas, so that teams from group A have their own space, separate from teams in Group B, and have each group of teams isolated from the other. We can get by using the team filter on the header, but we want more separation between the groups.

Edit: I was just informed about Team visibility, which helps isolating a team.

Basically like a new instance of PagerDuty, under the same sub-domain. Is this supported, or is there a way we can achieve this?

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Hi, Fausto!

You may be able to separate the space for different teams by taking advantage of Team Privacy. By marking a team as private, users from outside the team (except Account Owners and Admins) will not be able to view the team’s schedules, services, incidents, or escalation policies. Note that all users within the PagerDuty subdomain will appear on the Configuration > Users page though, regardless of their team.

I hope this helps!


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Thank you, Hannah!

We tested having a private team along all the other public teams, but, what we want is actually the opposite, where one team should be be able to see what all the other teams have. To accomplish this we could set up every team as private, but, then they wouldn’t be able to interact with each other.


P.S. My email notifications on replies is not correctly set up, so I didn’t realize I had this reply. Sorry for the lateness.

Hi Fausto,

Thanks for the updates! In this case, if you would like your Teams to be able to view other Teams’ objects, I would recommend not setting Team privacy. Public teams will be the way to go!

I can see how having the ability to separate the groups further (into something like their own subdomains) would be helpful. I would be happy to submit a Feature Request to our Product Team on your behalf. Could you describe in further detail how this would help your use case so I can relay this feedback to the team?


Hi Hannah,

I spoke with the PagerDuty Team, turns out that what we needed is to set the new users with restricted access one team. This prevents them from seeing anything outside of their team, but global admins can still see their settings.

Hi Fausto,

Correct - global admins will always be able to see everything in the account.