Is there a way to send custom notifications to on-call persons before their shift?

We’d like to send some kind of “Be prepared checklist” before the shift starts.

Hello Nazar,

Thanks for your feedback but currently we do no offer the ability to customise our email notifications to send out any content beyond the notifications you current see. However, I will pass along your feedback to our Product team and let them know what you are looking for.


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You could build something external to PagerDuty that does this that is triggered off of a given schedule for going on-call.

Thanks for your help, Doug.
Did you mean to create some 3-rd party notifier and adjust it manually every time the PagerDuty schedule was updated?

Yep, something that pulls the data from PD for a given user and sends them an email/SMS notification as desired with the “pre-flight checklist”, significant incidents/events/changes in the last week, other useful information.