Is there a way to enforce all of our users to use the same notification rules?

At this time, there is no feature to ensure that all users are on the same notification rules. We want all of our users to be able to set up notifications based on their needs. Some users who are heavy sleepers might need many phone calls to alert them of an incident where as others can easily receive one notification and they will be able to respond to the incident. However, you can always tell your users what the suggested notification rules are for your company and highly suggest to them to follow these notification rules you’d like them to have.

For more information on notification rules, check out this knowledge base article.

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I love that there is no way to enforce notification preferences. How your phone behaves strikes me as a deeply personal thing. Having someone else’s preferences forced on me strikes me as a very personal kind of torture.

I love that I can set up a notification system that works for me.

If someone isn’t responding to pages, that strikes me as potentially a problem of misunderstanding of one’s role and responsibilities.


It makes sense that you want users to customize to add more monitoring but I think there is a middle ground to allow minimum viable notification rules. This would allow customization to an extent if the policy is enabled to allow people to make it more but not less aggressive. I agree that a phone is personal and do not have work email on my phone because I am unwilling to give remote wipe to IT. There is a very big difference between hey I want you to answer your on call pages that you have agreed to do during after hours and saying that I need complete control of your phone.

I think like most features are great in the hands of sane people and a complete disaster in the wrong hands. I think we can find a middle ground to enable both sides.

If you don’t like you teams/companies stance there are plenty of fish in the sea.

I do require all my on-call engineers to have push or phone notifications set up within a certain time frame as their roles require them to respond to an incident and not just sleep through it. In my career I have seen this happen a few times: had an engineer who thought email only notifications was appropriate and after a system was down for a while it escalated to another team member pulling them out of bed. I view having a minimum notification policy is a protection for not only the company but the members on the team. I spoke with the engineer after and told him he could specify something more appropriate if not I would choose extreme notification rules for him. Needless to say you can solve it in this manner but it can cost you a lot of money to learn the hard way.

If your engineers are being woken up in the middle of the night often this is not something pagerduty should solve for you and probably requires application, infrastructure, and/or monitoring changes.