Is there a way to configure schedules to alternate between two teams?

Hi All,

I’m trying to revamp our on call schedule and I’m having a hard time figuring out exactly how to configure the schedule / escalation policies to get the desired outcome.

We have an escalation policy with 2 schedules on it, a primary and a secondary. When an incident occurs PG pages the primary on call schedule and it that person don’t respond in a set amount of time we have PG page the secondary. At the end of the week the primary engineer rolls off, the secondary becomes the new primary, and the next engineer in the schedule becomes the secondary. It’s pretty straight forward.

The desired outcome here is for us to have the two schedules alternate between teams. So if a member of team A is the current primary oncall then a member of team B is the secondary oncall and vice versa.

The issue is that our teams are not the same size. This means I can’t just simply alternate the users in the schedule because eventually I would end up with the same team 2 weeks in a row (i.e. ABABAABAB…). Instead we want it to continually rotate between teams (ABABABA…) even if that means members of the smaller team end up being on call more often than members of the larger team.

Schedules seem to be completely user centric so I’m not sure how to set this up.

Is there any way I can have set up a schedule for the team and then layer it so that the schedule on the escalation policy rotates between the teams?

Hi @todd.underwood, yes, you are correct, Schedules are user centrics. One way to achieve your use case is as follows. If you team one with four users (ABCD) and team two with two users (YZ), then you can create your rota like this AYBZCYDZ and then the cycle starts again (a user can be added several times to the same layer). How quickly the two first users of the teams get paired again, depends on the respective size of each team.