Is there a way to be notified whenever a Postmortem is created?

Dear Support Team,

I’m looking into building an Incident Repository for my organisation. It’ll mainly consist of PagerDuty incidents but not only. It is why I’m looking to use Jira as a commonplace to keep incidents.
Furthermore, not all incidents would go to Jira, only ones with Postmortems created.

Chance my question. Is there a way for me to be automatically informed regarding new Postmortems? Ideally, I’d use a webhook (incident.postmortem.created), but I’m not attached to a specific technical solution.

I found this post from '19 Was there anything implemented since then?

I’m looking forward to hearing back from you.


Hello Przemek,

thanks for reaching out on our Community page! Sorry to say that at this time we have not implemented a solution to support what you are looking for. I have however added your +1 to an outstanding feature request to support this type of behaviour. Sorry we cannot help you out with this right now, but do let me know if you have any more questions.


Hi John,

Thank you for getting back to me and upvoting the feature request.

Is there any other way to create Jira tickets for new Postmortems? Is there maybe an API to pull them (daily) and issue tickets for new ones? Or some Jira integration? Or CVS export? Or any other option you could think of?


Hey there,

I’m afraid we do not have a Postmortem API that would help pull data on a daily basis.

If you were interested in using an internal process, you could have the person responsible for sharing the Postmortem PDF include a PagerDuty email integration address in the outbound email that is set up with a Service in which you are on-call. This could trigger an incident on the Service to notify you that a new Postmortem has been published.

I hope this might help a bit!

Hi Hannah,

Thank you for sharing.
It is far from what I hoped to achieve but sounds doable.
It would be great if we could have at least export to CSV, which would probably require API under the hood.

I’ll look into the email option.

Hello Przemek,

At this time there isn’t an API Option for Postmortem but the email option is worth exploring.


I just discovered /api/v1/postmortems/rest which I believe is an undocumented API. Is this something I could explore for the purpose of gathering Postmortems info?

Helo Przemek,

Thanks for the update - we aren’t able to offer advice on how to manage undocumented APIs at this point, but in terms of your ability to use this, it does show post mortem information when I try it out, although in terms of its readability it may not be what you are looking for.


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