Is there a way to add stakeholders automatically for only HIGH priority incidents?

So I’ve figured out that I can create response plays and add them onto our service settings but it appears that this will trigger regardless of incident priority.

For example if I open a p3 ticket it will automatically add and notify my stakeholders response play. This will send them a text message says ‘incident 00000 was created’. Typically we only need to notify our stakeholders for high priority incidents that are affecting daily operations. P1 and P2 only.

Is there anyway I can do this?

Hi Justin

The automated response plays will trigger for everything. You might want to try a response play that can be run on-demand by your responders that they’ll click on when the incident requires additional stakeholders to be notified.

You could call the response play “Notify P1/P2 Stakeholders” or similar, and allow all users to run the play on demand. Then folks can select the response play from the dropdown in the incident UI when they have a P1 or P2 incident. This would be helpful if an incident is initially assigned a lower priority but needs to be escalated as well.

We have a number of these types of response plays for managing incidents. Since they aren’t attached or limited to a particular service, anyone responding to an incident can run plays that do things like notify all engineering leadership or page an incident commander.