Is it possible to view api key usage for a user

For a user is it possible to view all the incidents that were created with that user’s API key? Eg a list of audit events to see what incidents were created with an API key.

In the GUI for the API key I see that last usage time is recorded, but can’t see how to get further information via the API.

:thinking: This is interesting.

I don’t think there’s a way to dig it out. The notation of how an incident is created is recorded in the log_entries for that incident, under the “channel” tag, but that doesn’t record the key name. So you could find out “Alice created the incident via the API” but not “Alice created the incident via the API using development key”.

That said, if you were trying to track down errant usage or another problem, the Support folks have access to more granular internal tooling and might be able to dig out more info. You can get in touch with them via