Is it possible to migrate Pagerduty services from one Cloud to another

I am having my organization configured with one PagerDuty Cloud and now I need to move my bunch of services and users to another.
A) Is Cloud to Cloud migration possible?
B) If migration is not a feature, can you support moving these ?

Creating new configuration for all services is time consuming. Quick help here will be appreciated


Your PagerDuty Account Team can help you with migration. Don’t hesitate to reach out to PagerDuty Support if you want their help in getting the process started.



Thats wonderful. How do I know which is my PagerDuty Account Team? Can you please direct me to the PagerDuty Support to get started. Can we arrange a meeting? Any email to write to PD Support team?

Yes, reach out to PagerDuty Support and let them know what you’d like to do!

Hi Smita, this cloud migration guide will help you migrate successfully.
Hope you’ll find it useful.