Is it possible to broadcast a page?

I want to be able to broadcast page an entire schedule as a fallback (so everybody’s phone gets pinged at the same time). Is this possible?

Hey there,

Thanks for your question. My name is Ryan from the PagerDuty support team.

While we don’t have a “notify all users” function, there are two workaround ways to go about doing this depending on your circumstances.

The first way would be to add everyone that you want to be notified to the escalation policy as a individual user. You could add everyone on say the 3rd or 4th tier of the EP, so should it get to that point, it notifies everyone.

The only thing to keep in mind with this solution is that each pricing plan has different restrictions on the maximum users per escalation level as displayed below:


The second option would be to run a Response Play which are available on new Business and Digital Operations plans.

With Response Plays you can Notify responders other than the assignee to help resolve the incident. This will allow you to execute a mass notification of all users on the account should the incident not be acknowledged in a timely manner.

I would have to understand more about your use case, but as of now, those are the two options we can offer.


Ryan Viera
Technical Support Specialist

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