Iphone app - bypass DND mode

I just sent Apple some feedback:

Hi, I’m a software engineer at a health tech company. Like many similar companies, we use PagerDuty internally to alert us about problems with our systems – problems which can impact our patients’ health and our security among other important concerns.

Given the critical nature of these alerts, I’d like to request that Apple allow the PagerDuty iOS app to override Do Not Disturb mode and the system mute switch. If I understand correctly, that requires a special entitlement which Apple has chosen not to enable in the past. I hope you’ll reconsider! Our engineers with Android phones already have this ability, and those of us with iPhones wish we could silence them without missing emergency alerts.

Thanks for your consideration, and happy holidays!

Hopefully others will send in their own feedback and get Apple’s attention. I know there must be plenty of other people out there who want this to happen.

Add your own feedback at the link Leena posted: https://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html


This is actually viable and available now by using critical alerts in iOS. Can this now be added to the roadmap considering the devices and OS support the ability?

Pushover just added critical notifications into beta version. Any updates for PagerDuty?

I am so glad this is still getting attention, I am also glad I am no longer on call as of January 1st :slight_smile:

More and more apps are being approved in the Critical Alerts program from Apple. Surely PagerDuty can be part of it too, now.

Pushover now in AppStore:


  • Add option to play high-priority and emergency notification sounds as Critical Alerts, bypassing device mute switch and Quiet Hours

What about PagerDuty?


I’m an IOS user and I really need this. Help!

Hi Abraham,

We do have an existing feature request with our product team to override the system volume on the iOS app and I’ll go ahead and add your vote to that request. However, since Apple’s API does not allow us to build features that can override a device’s volume at the moment, we will need to look into this feature request after Apple exposes that part of their API to developers.

For iOS users, we recommend using overriding DND via phone notifications instead.