Introducing PagerDuty Garage on Twitch!

Hi folks! Maybe you’ve seen that PagerDuty has launched on Twitch. We’re featuring different kinds of content and live coding, and our next project is the PagerDuty Garage!

This show is about all things PagerDuty API. Are you using the API for something interesting, weird, or just plain helpful? We want to hear about it and share it with our community. We know you’re out there using PagerDuty to let you know when products are back in stock, or appointments are available, or all kinds of everything.

We’ll be running twice a week to start, 10am US-Eastern on Mondays and 4pm US-Eastern on Fridays (starting just about right now!).

So follow our channels!

And be a guest! You can email the Community team or fill out our form at

Is there other content you’d like us to run on Twitch? We’d love to hear that too!