Introducing PagerDuty Commanders

PagerDuty Commanders is a new distinction the PagerDuty Community is launching at Summit🏔

:trophy: The distinction awards a top member of our community who is an expert in the use of our platform and is passionate about sharing their knowledge, and giving back to other members and PagerDuty. This award is reserved for our pinnacle members who advocate for PagerDuty, go above and beyond to contribute to the product and platform, share their PagerDuty best practices and stories, and connect with the broader community.

We want to hear from you about what you would like to see from us to show our appreciation for being a Commander.

We will post more updates weekly, sharing activities you can do to move up in your status, and some exciting things we have planned for our very first awarded Commander! We look forward to seeing you here :green_heart::wave: