Integration from SNOW -> PagerDuty not working, when everything else does

I’ve worked with an internal SNOW dev on my end to integrate SNOW and PD, and pretty much everything works as expected. We’re using it in a very basic manner for now: incidents triggered in PagerDuty create corresponding incidents in ServiceNow, and notes/status updates between the two flow back and both. Resolutions in one platform occur in the other, etc. etc.

What does not seem to work, is creating a PagerDuty Incident in Service Now does not seem to be creating PagerDuty Incidents. To the best of my knowledge the only thing required for this to happen is the incident needs to be created with the SNOW user that is mapped to the PD user (it is) and an assignment group in SNOW needs to be mapped to services/policies in PD (they are).

When I create incidents nothing is being logged in the PD integration in ServiceNow so I’m kind of at a loss for what the cause is. Any ideas from past experiences? I feel like I’ve combed through the documentation at least 20 times, checked pretty much everything, and not sure what else it could be.

This won’t help, but I’ll share it anyway. My account in my UAT instance of ServiceNow does not and will not create incidents in PagerDuty. Other accounts do.

My account in my Dev instance of ServiceNow does create incidents in PagerDuty. As do other accounts.

I’ve never worked out why. I just impersonate someone else (that’s connected to PagerDuty) if I need to test in UAT.

I’d be very interested if you solve it though!

I learned that the priority in SNOW needs to be at a minimum 1 or 2 via the logic dictated by the lookup in SNOW.

So whatever combination of impact and urgency will give you either a level 1 or 2 priority in SNOW is, by default, what will actually trigger the creation of the incident into PagerDuty. That logic is adjustable.

See below:

Yeah that’s definitely a thing but unfortunately it’s not what’s behind my issue. Doing the same on one account produces different results on another… still not worked out why and given up trying to work it out!