Integrating with multiple PagerDuty instances

Good Morning,

We have recently integrated our ServiceNow instance with Pagerduty for incident alerting (P1,P2). A new client would like to do the same with our Production instance but from a different Pagerduty instance. Looking at the current documentation I can’t find any information if this possible.

We’re currently on the Quebec family release but will be updating to San Diego shortly and will be updating the PagerDuty application to the latest version.

Any information and I would be grateful?

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Thanks for reaching out on our community page. You can have 1 Pagerduty account mapped to multiple ServiceNow accounts but at this time we do not support multiple Pagerduty accounts linked to the same SNOW account.

Hope this helps clarify things.

John O’Donnell
Team Lead, EMEA

If your objective is to simply trigger ServiceNow incidents in a one-way manner from your customer’s PagerDuty instance, this would certainly be possible without using our ServiceNow PagerDuty application.

If you want to use the full featured ServiceNow PagerDuty application with another PagerDuty instance, this would require extensive customizations to achieve.

Thanks for the reply, yes currently building out the webhooks and rest messages so its a 2 way integration with the separate PagerDuty instance.