Include primary team for user via API

It would be helpful if the primary team was available or designated in the list of teams that accompanies a users info in the get user api request.


Seconded, would be extremely useful, have requested through account team last year also. Soon as we get this I can move seat management to another team :+1:

Hi Michael and Kevin,

Thank you for reaching out to PagerDuty Support!

If possible, can you please contact us at with details on your request?

We will be able to better assist! Looking forward to hearing from your team!


It will be great to be able to follow how many customers voted for a feature like this one.

It’s why I asked how to do there:


Hi Sebastian,

Thank you for the follow-up!

At this time, we do not offer a customer-facing issue counter for Feature Requests. Please know that Feature Requests are reviewed on a monthly basis by our Product Managers, but I cannot make any promises on the ETA of any new feature implementation.

I will be happy to submit a Feature Request to the Product Team regarding this feedback, for you! Please let me know if you have any further questions/comments in regards to this request.