Incidents with grouped alerts should have an appropriate title.

It is not obvious when an Incident has multiple grouped alerts in it. The incident title should say “Multiple Alerts” or “Grouped Alerts” in it so that people know they have to resolve multiple alerts. The other day, someone got paged because 8 servers went down. They fixed the first one, and then were confused when the incident kept triggering because the title of the Incident only referenced one server.

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Hi James,

Thanks for reaching out!

I understand the behavior you would like to see with receiving multiple or grouped alerts. As of now the expected behavior with multiple similar alerts is that they can be aggregated into a single incident for triage, but it would not necessarily include that in the title.

I went ahead and submitted a feature request for you for these incidents to have a more obvious indicator of when there is more than one alert merged into the incident.

Please let me know if you have any further questions!

Technical Support Specialist