Incidents stuck in ---waiting--- state in ServiceNow

Incidents are stuck in the —waiting— state in ServiceNow when a high priority incident is supposed to be created in PagerDuty.

Hi Troy

Thanks for reaching out on community, however a topic like this may be best tackled in a private support ticket. Can you reach out directly to with

  1. Screenshot of your Pagerduty SNOW settings
  2. Export of your SNOW error logs (instructions on how to do this below) :

  • In ServiceNow, type in PagerDuty in the filter navigator search on the left side
  • Navigate to Configuration → PagerDuty Settings
  • Scroll down and set Logging verbosity level to debug
  • Reproduce the original issue in the account
  • Navigate to PagerDuty → Support → Logs
  • Make sure you set the view to 100 per page. You can CTRL+F the incident ID’s to be sure that the log contains those details.
  • Copy and paste everything into a CSV (preferred) or text file with the behaviour reproduced.

Please note that this is not a debug or dev mode - it simply provides logs with more information that we can use to troubleshoot any issues with incidents on ServiceNow.

Once we have this, we can get started on troubleshooting the issue.


Hi John,

Can i get to know what solution was proposed for this issue?
I have same issue in my project.


Hi Nirav,

There could be a number of reasons why a SNOW Incident is stuck in the —waiting— state, so it would be best to reach out to with the same details that my colleague John requested, so we can help diagnose your specific issue.

For some context on the underlying behavior, our SNOW integration uses the —waiting— placeholder value (via the “PD Trigger PagerDuty Incident” business rule) before it is later filled with the actual PagerDuty incident ID once the incident in PagerDuty is created.

Based on the symptoms we know so far, it looks like the PagerDuty incident ID isn’t populating back to your SNOW incidents when it’s trying to sync the PagerDuty Incident and SNOW INC, so that’s where we can zoom in as a starting point for additional troubleshooting.

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