Incident Summary not updated after Service State raising

i’m not sure i’m using the tool correctly but i explain my case:

  • 1 - An alert is raised in “Warning” state and it creates an incident => OK
  • 2 - The alert in our monitoring tool became critical so a new notification is sent to Pagerduty => OK
  • 3 - The incident summary stays : “WARNING” Test service on Test Hostname and doesn’t change to “CRITICAL” => the alert is correct (CRITICAL) but the summary doesn’t change and the priority too.

Am i doing something wrong ?

Thanks everybody for your help in advance :smiley:

You can change the severity of an incident by changing the severity of the alert you are sending in. Would you be able to email us ( with details of where this is not happening and we can take a further look.

Abbott Brannon
Tech Support Specialist