Incident routing by topic

Hi all

I have the following situation that i need to solve:
3 nagios servers all pushing to pagerduty and for each host or service that is being alerted i’d like to distribute the incidents between 2 teams. Example: CPU load alert comes in, should be assigned to SRE, Disk space alert comes in, should be assigned to ITOps.
Any possibility to do that?


You need to look at Event Orchestrations and build out your routing rules according to the payload content you’ve described - routing conditions can configured to send to a service owned by the relevant team.


So this is what I don’t understand

The orchestration tells me to create a rule to the service but I only have one service that I have my nagios assigned to

Do I need to create a new services to call them “onCall team 1” and “onCall Team2” and direct to the respective service? The documentation is not exactly clear.


Hi Alexandru.
You’ll definitely want two services.

Services can only have one escalation policy attached to them, so, for example, you could create one service to represent “Host alerts for SRE” and another “Host alerts for ITOps” and route the correct alerts to each service so they’re received by the correct team.

Your Event Orchestration can then route events between these two services based on the summary or other content, and you’ll update your Nagios servers to send alerts to the orchestration routing key instead of an individual service integration url.