Incident Response Training: 40% Early Bird Discount Until Dec. 25!


Who is the intended audience?

This course is most optimal for technical team leads, managers, directors, and anyone seeking to better understand how to manage incident response teams.

What will I learn?

After completing this training, you will be able to:

-Understand what incident response is, with a focus on managing expectations for executive stakeholders, addressing key operational challenges, and practical skills for managing team health
-Develop the skills you need to successfully manage incident response teams
-Implement DevOps practices like shifting teams towards a model of full-service ownership, enabling a blameless culture, and driving continuous improvement
-Leverage the PagerDuty platform to put incident response into action to manage your Digital Operations in real-time

Where & When is the course taking place?

The PagerDuty office nearest you on select dates

Why should I participate?

-A full day of networking and instructor-led training, with thought leadership and hands-on activities -Take-home handbook
-Catered lunch, coffee and drinks
-A chance to visit one of the PagerDuty offices

Reach out to with any questions!