Incident Response in a Remote World of Social Distancing

At RigD we have always believed that working collaboratively is crucial to business success and that driving this work through collaboration platforms would be transformative. While many companies have embraced this philosophy already, the current world events have forced most others to adapt their processes to account for remote work. We are sensitive to the stress these changes and the overall situation is putting on people.

To support you in these times, RigD is offering PagerDuty customers our Slack App with three free months of our Basic Plan (up to 3 integrations and unlimited users) and a free workshop on designing an effective triage flow.

Get More out of Slack to Expedite Resolutions

Remote work has taken on greater importance and it is important for teams swarming incidents to nail incident response. When the team is working remotely and using Slack, here are a few nuggets of advice that can help you and team to get the best use of Slack in responding to incidents.

  • Is it really an incident that needs swarming? Establishing criteria to decide if something really qualifies as an incident is important to ensure your on-call team doesn’t get overloaded and miss the big ones. It’s easy to lose this disciple when the person who can help is only a quick message away.

  • Mitigate first! Getting things back up and running should always be the top and most urgent priority during an outage incident. Understanding root cause and prevention measure comes later. When it’s easy for others to engage on an incident, innocent discussion can distract from the mission.

  • Sharing is caring. Making good regular updates is crucial to keeping things calm and establishing confidence in your team’s ability to resolve the issue. This is easy to overlook as you are chatting away in Slack.

Having a great Slack App for PagerDuty incidents will make an impactful difference when remote work dominates your incident response model. It makes the life of remote workers involved in incident management much easier.

Sign up here to get your credit and learn how RigD can make incidents much less painful, especially when you are remote.



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