Incident description

I have had incidents that are triggered by ServiceNow with no description. Does anyone know how to make incidents have a more accurate description instead of nothing or at least set a specific description for specific incidents that are triggered?

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Hi Andrew! This is not a very common problem we see with the ServiceNow/PagerDuty integration. A good path forward is going to be for you to contact our support team directly by emailing We need to ask you for some information that we don’t want to be posted here on the web for anyone to see. In your email you can include links to example incidents in your account that are doing this, which can help us to investigate further.

Assuming you’re talking about the PagerDuty --> ServiceNow incident flow, you’ll need to evaluate the source event/alert and incident that’s created in PagerDuty and look into the content there first. If it looks as expected there, then explore the webhooks we send to ServiceNow in the “Webhook Import Row” table. These are processed to create the values of all ServiceNow incident form fields and you may have content there that contains special characters, formatting, too many characters, etc.

The ServiceNow PagerDuty App feature called Inbound Field Rules is used to map any data sent from PagerDuty into any of those fields, and even perform a more sophisticated transformation, logic, and lookups getting richer data from ServiceNow Configuration Items, Assignment Groups, Users, etc.

Let me know what you find out!