In the absence of an email, create an incident

We have need to generate an incident with PagerDuty if PagerDuty does not receive an email within a given timeframe. Our use case is that we have a mission critical system that generates emails at certain points through it’s processing. If these emails are not generated, it means we have an issue that needs to be researched. We would like PagerDuty to open an incident if it does not receive a normally scheduled email within a period of time.

Hi Kevin!

At the moment, PagerDuty does not offer the ability to create an incident in the absence of an event. All Pagerduty incidents are dependant on an email or event being sent to PagerDuty, with the exception of manual incident creation.

It may still be possible to achieve this flow, but the logic to send an event if an email is not received would need to exist outside of Pagerduty.

We do have an open feature request around this and I’m happy to add your vote to it as well!

Hi @kmkelly,

If you can add a simple HTTPS get to your system you could implement and have DMS trigger the Incident in PagerDuty.

You probably don’t want to be sending your processing emails to PagerDuty anyway.

Hope that helps,

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