In ICal feeds, mandatory DTSTAMP for VEVENT is missing


I am parsing a private iCal feed, and the DTSTAMP seems to be missing from each VEVENT. The spec says it’s mandatory:

Property Name: DTSTAMP

Conformance: This property MUST be included in the “VEVENT”, […] calendar components.

Is that a bug, perhaps?



Hi Steffan,

Can you clarify: are you parsing an iCal feed exported from a PagerDuty schedule?

Please also note, that DTSTAMP is listed in Kanzaki documentation under:

   ; the following are optional,
         ; but MUST NOT occur more than once

If I misunderstand your query, let me know!


Hi Tatiana,


And thanks for catching the statement re: DTSTART being optional; it seems to be in direct contradiction to section My workaround is to configure the parser to be relaxed about this; I guess agreeing on standards is hard :slight_smile:

No problem, Steffan.

That is confusing, indeed. :slight_smile: It sounds like you’re trying to accomplish something that may be outside of our scope, but I’m happy to help as much as I can. Is there something about our calendar events that doesn’t work for you?