Improve UX of time scheduling over the features which use it


There are several features where we can set “time scheduling”. I mean define timeslot(s).

As I know:

  • Schedule layer: Restrict on-call shifts to specific times
  • Service Assign and Notify: based on support hours
  • Event Rule: On a Recurring Schedule

Each one has its own UI. Then as a user I can’t do the same things on all of those features.

Example 1:
I’m able to set from 6PM to 9AM (out-of-office hours) each day for Schedule layer and Service Assign and Notify. But I can’t for an Event Rule.

Example 2:
I’m able to set from 8AM to 11AM and from 1PM to 6PM every day for Schedule layer. But I can’t for Service Assign and Notify, nor an Event Rule.

As I said, I hope to have a better and unified experience over those features.

I think the Schedule layer is the one with the most options.
I’m able to set:

  • from Monday 8AM to Tuesday 6PM
  • from Thursday 9AM to Friday 7PM
  • from Saturday 9PM to Sunday 10AM
    I would like to be able to do the same on the other features.

Sample use case: for some dedicated events (so by using Event Rules) I want to decrease the severity to avoid High urgency incidents outside of office hours. Even if I accept High urgency incidents 24/7 for other events.
Currently I can’t as on Event Rules the timeslot start time must be before end time, I can’t select weekdays, and I can’t have more than 1 “line”.


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Hi, SĂ©bastien!

Thanks for sharing this feedback with us and expanding on the desired behavior for scheduled features.

I’ve passed this along to our Product Team on your behalf for review!