Improve API design to get resources tags

Hi all,

First, sorry if I miss something and there is an existing feature that fits my needs (please let me know).

I want to get some resources via their API endpoints. When those resources support tags, I want to get them.
Unfortunately, the API design is not well suited for that purpose (famous N+1 request problem) . For example for users:

  • call the “List Users” endpoint
  • for each user call the “Get tags for entities” endpoint (note it’s more a " Get tags for entity")

You may add an option on “List Users” to include tags for each user.
Or provide an endpoint on the Tag resource to request all tags and their associated resources for a resource type (ie: get all tags for Users returns: tag A: {user Ua, user Ub}; tag B: {user Ua, user Uc})


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Hi Sebastien,

Thanks for reaching out to us about this.

What you are describing doesn’t seem to be an existing feature within PagerDuty. I can definitely see how this would be convenient and useful for being able to filter through your users and other lists as well.

I’ll be happy to submit this as a feature request to our product team about this. If you have anything further to add, please do not hesitate to reach out!


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