IFTTT - Realtime API - Improve reaction times

I’m using the IFTTT integration to run some actions (e.g. notifications through Hue) when an incident is assigned to me.
I have the IFTTT Pro+ plan, so the integrations run as fast as possible on IFTTT’s part. Unfortunately this is still a timespan of 3-5 minutes until my action runs. This is, because PagerDuty hasn’t implemented IFTTT’s Realtime API. The Realtime API is used to trigger the fetching of new events from IFTTT. With this change implemented, IFTTT Applets would run near instantly which would be a big improvement in usability of the integration.

I hope you can make this happen!
Kind regards,

Hi Benedict!

It does sound like changing that integration would be an improvement! Unfortunately, PagerDuty doesn’t own the IFTTT integration. You’ll want to reach out to the folks at IFTTT. They list support@ifttt.com as the contact email in the integration settings.

Thanks for the answer. To my understanding, the Realtime-API needs to be called by your systems, as soon as a incident is generated. The Realtime-API call will then trigger a fetch against your API from IFTTT’s side like the regular scheduled ones.
Therefore this is something that needs to be integrated by the service owner, not the integration owner.
Find more information here:
A side-benefit is, that it will reduce the load on your API as well, since IFTTT will poll for new events less frequently.