I want a specific GCP alert to not autoresolve

We have a google cloud monitoring alert set up based on error log lines about a failed job. The issue is that they always auto-resolve because the amount of errors disappear, but since the job essentially failed we’d need to keep the alert in the system until the on-call can investigate. Is there a way on either the PagerDuty or GCP side to only create the alert via the API, but only resolve via manual action?

Hello Krisztián,

Stopping Alert deduplication and auto-resolve can be helped by creating Event Rules to suppress incoming “resolve events” or, removing dedup/incident keys from they payload so that Pagerduty can no longer group Alerts.

You can read up on event rules here however if this does not help I would encourage you to reach out the support team with more specific Incident examples so we can review this and advise accordingly.

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