I have locations with two ISP that we are monitoring. I want to do alerts only when both are down. Possible?

We use uptimerobot.com to monitor the ISPs at all of our locations. We can use either API or email for the integrations.

Each location has two ISPs.
We want to have critical alerts (incidents?) when BOTH ISP at one location are down. Ex. we don’t want alerts at 2am when one ISP is down, since they are redundant. We only want to be woken up in the middle of the night if both ISP are down.

Also, when one ISP is down we would only want a basic notification, possibly just an email to our ticketing platform. I haven’t found any options for outbound integrations, or do I just need a separate user account to email our ticketing platform?

Is this possible? I tried a few things with rulesets and with business services but nothing worked.

Hello Jared,

Is there a way in the alert to identify that both ISPs are down? If there is, it is possible to use the
Rulesets feature to control when Incidents are created. This would be employed with Dynamic notifications to the relevant Service.

Also using Dynamic notification, you can apply Severity to the Alerts. This way you will only be notified when there is a critical severity.

Please do let me know if there are further questions.

Kind regards,

I tried using global rulesets, and it is not triggering an incident.

Hi Jared,

If you’d like an incident to trigger only when both ISPs are having problems, you should connect that to a monitoring tool that will only trigger an incident in PagerDuty under the correct circumstances. If you’d like help with integrating a tool into a global ruleset, please email us directly at support@pagerduty.com as we wouldn’t want to provide you sensitive information on a public forum.


Alex Engelmann
Technical Support Specialist