HTTPS Webhook in Rundeck

Hello guys,

I can get only http URL from Rundeck Webhook. Is there anyway to generate https webhook from Rundeck Webhook ?

Best Regards,

Dear Tun:

The URL generated by the webhook feature uses the system URL; meaning if the system is set up with HTTPS then the webhook also has HTTPS. There is no way to use HTTP for the Process Automation or Rundeck Console and HTTPS for the only the webhooks. For your reference, here are the instructions for setting up SSL, see

To get support for the Process Automation OnPrem product (formerly Rundeck Enterprise) please email to open a case. Be sure to include your system report.

This week the majority of PagerDuty is on vacation, only support services are available. Please excuse the delay in answering your question.

Pam Wonson
Automation Support Engineering Manager

Helllo Scott,

Thank you for the support. I will send mail to rundeck support for the ticket.

Tun Lyin Aung