hello Support Team,

I am using the pagerduty api to trigger an event. However I am getting below error.

503 Service Unavailable: [

Web Page Blocked

Could you please help me with the same.


Hi Vikalp,

Thanks for reaching out to our Community Page!

When sending an event to PagerDuty using the /POST endpoint with API v2 integration, any error with a 503/5XX response code means that an error occurred on a request through this API call within the response body of your JSON script.

Firstly, you will want to make sure that the curl script being used does not have any JSON errors, which you can check through any JSON validator like this one. Secondly, you will also want to ensure that you are sending this event to the correct service within your PagerDuty instance by obtaining the Integration Key from the Service Settings Page and using this in the routing key field. You also want to ensure that all required fields like summary, severity, source, routing key, and event action is filled appropriately to send this event.

If you are still having trouble sending this API Events V2 call request to PagerDuty, please reach out to, so that a support team member can assist you with this further.

Best Regards,
Technical Support Specialist