How to view all schedules?


Just wanted to know, How to view all available schedules in PagerDuty?

Thanks !

Hello Kota,

The path People->On-Call Schedules should lead to the list of Schedules on the account. At the bottom of the page is the option to decide the number of Schedules to be displayed per page. It defaults to 5 and can be increased to 100. Do ensure there is not Filter for Teams in place


Chiedu - Thanks for quick reply.

It shows me one schedule that too I am not part of it. Please see the screenshot attached.
By the way, I have the ‘Manager’ role. is that sufficient to see all schedules?

Please advise.

Hello Kota,

Being a community post, there is only son much we can get into here.

Please can you sent an email to with the issue you are up against and we will go from there.


Firstly, check your team selection dropdown, it may be set to “My Teams” and only showing you a subset. If you still don’t see them all, check out the Roles/Permissions KB article for more insights on how your instance may be set up. (