How to trigger Rundeck Webhooks from PagerDuty behind VPN?

I’m trying to get a Rundeck Enterprise job to run via webhook from PagerDuty. Since this was not working, I tested the webhook through terminal the only way this ran was when I was connected to my company’s VPN. How am I supposed to workaround this in PagerDuty or in general? I followed the steps here but they do not work - my guess being because of the VPN. Connections are able to get out of the Rundeck instance to PagerDuty and I am able to get responses back when pinging the PagerDuty API from my Rundeck instance (when connected to VPN because that is the only way I can access my Rundeck instance)

Hi Sahil,
Since PagerDuty is run as a SAAS offering and your Rundeck is likely running internally, on-prem getting access will depend on your Network Security (firewall) rules. If there are concerns about opening up the firewall there is Webhook signing available in the PagerDuty Webhook V3 payloads. The Rundeck Solution Team have other creative solutions as well.