How to send an email notification when an Incident is resolved ?


We have an incident that is configured to notify someone over the email. So, whenever that specific incident gets created, the email recipient gets notified. We want the email recipient to get notified when the incident is resolved.

We tried to set following notification setting in the User config,

When any of my incidents are resolved, html email me at

Although, when the incident is resolved, it notifies only those who have acknowledged the incident. So, if the incident is not acknowledged by the email recipient, the recipient does not get the resolved notification.

Is there a way to send a Resolved notification to a user even when the incident is not acknowledged by the user ?

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Hi Nikhil,

There is not currently a way to send a notification to a user when the incident is not acknowledged by that user.

You could use a Response Play to send a status update to subscribers of an incident. You can find details on how to use a Response Play here. On that page, we provide an example of sending a Service Restored Status Update.


First, be aware that using email distribution lists in lieu of unique users in PagerDuty is against the ToS.

You could set up a webhook extension on your service(s) to send a webhook for incident resolutions to an external solution that receives the webhook, processes it, and sends an email to desired end-users.

Thanks for the suggestion. The Response Play needs to be manually triggered correct?

Thanks for the suggestion. That’s not a bad idea.
We do have unique users set up for all our internal users. Although, there is a specific alert which when triggered/resolved, we want a 3rd party to notified.
As per your suggestion, I can think of creating a webhook integration on the service in question, which will post to say an api endpoint, which can trigger an AWS Lambda. And it can decide whether to send an email or not.

A Response Play can be:

  • manually triggered via the PagerDuty Web/Mobile app,
  • each service in PagerDuty can have one Response Play automatically run
  • can be manually run from our Slack app
  • can be run from a ServiceNow incident
  • can be run via our API

Hello fellows,

Is there anything change in this topic?

I’ve tried to set Response Play automatically run after resolving the incident via Service integration (Email management), but I didn’t get any message with Resolved status.

There will be only an integration via API, e.g. webhook integration like @nikhil.owalekar mentioned?