How to remove a "Team" that has an associated schedule?

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I’ve been using PD for over a year now and came across an issue when removing a team. The team had an associated schedule that I was not able to remove. I could not delete the schedule as it was being used on another escalation policy. There was a trick on how to move it and of course I did not record the steps. So, here I am with the same issue and my live chat is not available so I thought to add it here as others many know the steps and this may be handy for others to use as well, if a solution is added.

Hi Dave! We’re happy to have you in the PD Community!

You have the ability to assign a schedule to a team at its creation but it can not be removed directly afterwards.

To work around this, you can do the following:

  • Create a new (temporary) escalation policy and assign it to the team you want to unlink the pairing from
  • Add the schedule(s) in question to the same escalation policy
  • Save the escalation policy
  • Edit the escalation policy
  • Select the X next to the team to unlink the team associated with the newly create escalation policy
  • Save the escalation policy (with all of the schedules still assigned to it)
  • Edit & Delete the escalation policy

Once the steps are complete, the team’s association with the schedule should be removed. Hope this helps!


Hi Dave,

I am interested to hear that there are other customers that are having issues with the live chat button not working in their environment - is this still the case with you?

We have been wrestling with this for over 3 months now and have a support ticket open with PagerDuty - the problem is compounded by the fact that apparently the chat functionality is supplied by a 3rd Party (Olark). We think we’re finally getting somewhere, after intensive investigation at our end … it looks like there are calls to various analytics and web ad URLs which our company proxy is not allowing. We’ve fed this back to support and are waiting a response from the Engineering team.


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