How to pass description via webhook?


I am trying to use webhook to send data to a different application on creation of an incident in pagerduty. But, the description of the incident is not sent in default payload. How can I send it? or How can I update the default payload to include more fields?

The description field = title field so you can use this instead. Unfortunately, the default webhook content is not customizable. If you’re sending in events/alerts to create the incident, you can look at dynamic field extraction to create a richer title or add more fields in custom_details and then see these within the trigger webhook and the first trigger log entries section (if using webhook v2 today, v3 in the future).

Title and description are two different fields as you can see in the attached image. Title is like short description of the incident and description is like a detailed description where users might write about the incident in detail.

i am actually creating incidents and not alerts/events to create an incident on the third party application.

and the webhook v3 version gives me an option to add headers only, nothing else. Is there a way I can pass the description value in the header itself? something like ${details} where I am assuming details is the backend name of the description field.

please advise.

I suggest requesting a feature enhancement request for this to be improved as you expect it to behave. There isn’t a way to customize the contents of our default webhooks today.

Hello Harshad,

The request around passing the description field with Webhook V3 has be logged as a Feature Request with the Product Team.

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I am having the same problem, do we know if a feature request was logged for it? this is pretty basic functionality.

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