How to know users device settings for our PagerDuty instance?


According to the last release notes:

You said:

Please ensure your device is upgraded to continue receiving mobile app updates.

As a PagerDuty instance admin, how to know easily (report) the mobile OS version used by each user?


Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for reaching out on our community page. When devices are linked to a Pagerduty user account, only the name of the device is registered and not the OS version. Hope this clarifies things.


John O’Donnell
Team Lead, EMEA

Hi John,

Thanks for your answer. (and sorry for my delayed feedback, I was on vacation without any network connection … too hard :smiley: )

Maybe you can add this as a feature request. As it’s so important to avoid missing PagerDuty notifications, it will be great to have this kind of report. Note it may be the OS version, the PagerDuty app version, or whatever.
Customer concern is to be able to identify users who may miss notifications.


Hello Sébastien,

Being able to capture the OS Version of a phone is going into territories providers may not want to give permission for.
That said, it will be great to know the value being able to know the OS Version of a user would add to reports.

Kind regards,