How to implement best practice rule to not have all incidents high urgency?

I was looking at one of our pagerduty services which we use to create high-priority p1 and p2 tickets however since we use Jira anyone in the org can create tickets of lower priority and they still get marked as high urgency in pagerduty.

I clicked the show me how for best practice rules and it took me to events management. Is this where I can implement a rule to filter p3 and below to low urgency and anything above to high? Any guidance or documents on how to accomplish this are greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

First, you need to ensure the service “assign and notify” settings is set to “Dynamic Notification Based On Alert Severity”.
Second, you should send the alerts to the Event Orchestration instead of the service itself. Then, you can create an Event Orchestration rule that routes to the appropriate service, at the appropriate severity based on the payload of the alert