How to delay notifications during business hours

When setting up an escalation policy, every policy sequence starts with “Immediately after an incident is triggered”. If I were able to change the “Immediately” timeframe to “15 minutes after the incident is triggered”, my issue would be solved, so that is my feature request.

However, in the meantime I would still like to delay the notification trigger for 15 minutes during business hours, and am looking for a way to do this.

I’ve been looking at using a dummy user account that could be “on-call” from 8a-5p every day, but what I really need is a way to route to different schedules at different times of the day. Any ideas?

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We were looking at implementing the same but currently not feasible without using a dummy user or anything similar.

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This scenario is possible with the Event Intelligence capabilities. Using Service Event Rules you can set up a rule that is only in affect during business hours and use the Paused Incident Notifications functionality to delay triggering the incident for 15 minutes. A second rule or default rule would be use to immediately trigger otherwise (outside of business hours).


I ended up using a dummy user who is on-shift 8-5 each day. The overall policy goes to them first, but when they are off shift, it immediately escalates to the “second line” which is our actual on-call rotation.

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Thanks for the reply I’ll try this and report back at some point.