How to Control the Payload that is send to a webhook

Hi there,
I am trying create an extension, that does nothing more than trigger a http POST to a certain endpoint with a simple payload the likes of ‘{ “status”: 1 }’.

This appears to be unnecessarily complicated. I could write a whole integration myself that takes what is send by default through the general webhook v2 extension and parses it, that does seem like quite the stretch though.
I can change the http headers on that webhook call, why can I not also change the payload and http method?
Is there anything I am missing?
How would I achieve this the easiest? Any ideas?


Unfortunately you can’t customize any of the webhooks sent from PagerDuty. The ‘easiest’ solution is to send webhooks through something else (eg AWS Lambda) to process and transform as needed, or have a destination endpoint that can do the same (eg Rundeck).