How to construct url based query to retrieve list of incidents that has less than 2 hrs of MTTR

Hi Team,

I want to retrieve the list of incidents from PagerDuty that is less than 2 hrs. duration of MTTR. Looking for solution that can be constructed in browser url. Not the API call. Do we have this feature available to use, if so please guide.

I’m looking for something like https://{subdomain}

Hi! There’s not currently an endpoint for those types of queries.

You can find incidents and their TTRs in the Insights report under “PD Labs” in the Analytics menu, and those reports have a shareable URL. The “Incident Activity” report includes TTR and a number of other data points about incidents.

For more on the PD Labs reports, there’s this article in the knowledge base:

indeed! And it provide a really easy way to sort on MTTR and even export the info to a CSV