How do you send a page to multiple teams with one incident

Hello, can anyone tell me how I can create an incident and alert multiple teams with that alert. Simple example: The system is down. I want to use the Web UI to create an Incident and I want multiple teams to receive a page for the incident. Ideally, I would select a team and PD would use that team’s current schedule and notify the person who is on call for that team at that time. Is this possible? Thanks!

Create an Escalation Policy with each team’s schedule on the first layer and either associate it with the PagerDuty Service (automatically notify them at time of event/alert), manually add the team via “Add Reponder”, manually/automatically run a Response Play that adds those team’s Escalation Policy to the incident.

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Works like a charm! Thanks Doug!

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Incident management team can help you :slight_smile: