How do assignation and escalation work when nobody is on call for a particular schedule?

I was thinking about a situation, and I’m not sure how it works. I noticed that it’s possible to have nobody on call for a specific schedule at a specific time, say if you used time-of-day limitations. But how does that situation work if that schedule is part of an escalation policy? Does an alert immediately “fall through” to the next escalation layer, or does it just get assigned to nobody until the escalation policy says it should be escalated?

Hi JD!

The incident will be assigned to the first level of an escalation policy with a user on-call at the time of the incident’s creation.

In your example, if there was no-one on-call at the time the incident was triggered in the first escalation policy level but there was a user on-call in the second level, the incident would be created and assigned to the user on the second level.

If there is no one on-call in any level of the escalation policy, the incident will be dropped and not created.

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Thanks, geeth! That helps a lot.